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Map Builder Standard Edition features the latest 3D assets from 2018 to the present day. They are considered to be next-gen for Map Builder. Each contains multi-layered textures and environmental effects.

Starter Bundle Included!

This Tier Includes:

3 Years of Content

Map Builder Starter Bundle includes a collection of over 1,400 3D assets created between 2016 to 2018.

This Tier Includes:

Standard Edition Content

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  • Map Builder (Standard Edition)
  • Map Builder Database
  • +2 Builder Shop Item Weekly
Tier Features:
  • "Standard" Asset Collection
  • "Starter" Asset Collection
  • 1,800+ Objects
  • Latest Releases
  • Monthly Updates
  • New Objects
  • Builder Shop Timed Exclusives
  • Compatibility Updates
  • SP/5M Versions
  • High-Quality Textures (2048p)
  • Advanced Environment Effects
  • Back Catalog Content
  • All Previous Tiers

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  • Map Builder Discovery Benefits

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  • "Patron" Discord Role

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