Map Builder Discovery Information

Brief Description:

Map Builder Discovery is the latest free version with upgrades. All of your current maps will work as they did previously. In this new version, users can expect improvements and additional free content.

Custom Installation:

Discovery users will be able to customize their installation. The user will be able to install the barebones that will stay consistent without any content changes. Optionally, users can install an additional DLC that will offer more content. The additional DLC is experimental and may cause instability or crashes when used with other mods.

Download Information:

Map Builder Discovery - Includes a collection of objects that will stay consistent with each update. This download will use fewer of the game's resources.

Discovery DLC (Optional) - Includes additional free content. The game may become unstable or crash when used with other dlcpack based mods.

Update Testing Information:

It's worth noting that all Map Builder Discovery updates get tested on a clean game. Map Builder is a large DLC that keeps expanding. Any DLC of this size requires additional resources from the gameconfig.xml file. If you are experiencing issues, limit the number of mods that you use alongside Map Builder. I recommend using ONLY the Map Builder Discovery download for anyone experiencing this issue.


Thank You!