Map Builder Editions: User Guide
Requirements: (Required for Singleplayer Installation)
OpenIV - DOWNLOAD (This will be used to install the downloaded .OIV compressed packages.)
ScriptHookV - DOWNLOAD (This will be used for your "placement editor")
ScriptHookV .NET - DOWNLOAD (This will be used for your "placement editor")
Placement Editor - (1 required) (This will be used to place the 3D assets and save them.)
  1. Map Editor - DOWNLOAD
  2. Menyoo - DOWNLOAD
  3. CodeWalker - DOWNLOAD
Object Spawn Unlocker - DOWNLOAD (Optional: This will unlock additional game objects for Map Editor.)
Singleplayer OIV Installation:
  • Download Map Builder Database + Map Builder Editions (Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate)
  • Start OpenIV with Edit Mode enabled.
  • Install OpenIV.asi for first-time use.
  • Drag the downloaded file (.oiv) into OpenIV.
  • Click Install* in the package installer window.
  • Select "mods" folder in the next window.
  • Installed for Singleplayer.
Server Installation:
  • Download Map Builder Editions for Servers (Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate)
  • Extract .zip folder
  • Create a "resources" folder in your server data root if you do not have one already. (ex: root contains server.cfg)
  • Add all folders provided to your "resources" folder. (ex: mapbuilder3/mb_addons/mbmaps)
  • Open your "server.cfg" file in your server data root then add the folder names to the start command and save.
[EXAMPLE] - server.cfg
# Only change the IP if you're using a server with multiple network interfaces, otherwise change the port only.
endpoint_add_tcp "" endpoint_add_udp ""
start mapbuilder3
start mb_addons
start mbmaps
  • Restart your server to begin streaming assets
  • Done. Reinstall after each Map Builder update.
Important Installation Notes!
  • Patrons only need "mapbuilder3 / mb_addons / mbmaps" DLC's installed to FiveM.
  • Map Builder Discovery content is included in "mb_addons" DLC. Delete any Discovery content before use.
What can cause my game to crash?
  1. Incorrectly installing Map Builder.
  2. Using an old game version.
  3. Installing other "dlcpacks" based modifications with Map Builder overloads the available resources.
  4. Installing graphics-based modifications or the RageHook plugin.
  5. Some other modification is interfering with the installation.
Map Builder is a tool for creating beautiful maps. It's up to the artist to make something incredible. Here are the basics for using each verified placement editor.
Map Editor:
  • Start GTA V - (game starts)
  • Press "F7" or "R3 + LB" - (menu opens)
  • Select "Enter Map Editor" - (activates map editor camera)
  • Press "F" or "Y" - (opens props menu)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list - (map builder props are added to the bottom)
  • Check if props load into the game - (make sure props are valid)
  • Ready!